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A Complete List of The Different Types of Necklace Chains

Thinking of customizing a unique personalized necklace, but not quite sure which kind of chain and clasp should be chosen? Then you should read this article.

1) Cable chain

Also known as Anchor chain, Trace chain, or oval chain.

It's one of the most common chains, consists of multiple identical oval or round links, which can be picked up for simple necklaces with a pendant, or bracelets with charms. Cable chain is very similar to oval chains. There are various of cable chains on the market. The basic types are normal cable chain and flat cable chain, which is more sparkling. Cable chain is not complicated. It's easy to fix when they are broken.

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2) Box chain

Also known as Cube chain, Briolette chain, Square chain and Venetian chain

Box chain is machine-woven and hollow out, looks heavy but very light. To zoom in on the picture, you will see that each segment looks like a small box. A box chain can be worn alone or use to match a pendant or charm.

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3) Snake chain

Snake chain has a link design that are tightly combined. The overall shape looks like a snake's body. It's delicate, smooth, seamless and sparkling. Snake chains are also machine-woven, difficult to repair once broken.

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4) Ball (Bead) chain

With round bright surfaces, ball or bead chain reflects the light in all directions. It looks stunning and lovely, can be used to make bracelets or necklaces.

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5) Rolo chain

Rolo chain, also called belcher chain, consists of round or oval symmetrical links which are connected together. It could be worn alone in bracelet and anklet. Rollo chain are available in various sizes and materials, making it a great choice for jewellery making.

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6) Curb chain

Curb chain is made of oval flattened links which are twisted or diamond cut. It's a great choice to make men's jewellery, could be worn itself as choker necklace or bracelet, varies in size, length, and color.

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7) Figaro Chain

Figaro chain is similar to curb chain, but not uniform in size, made of the flattened links in alternating length. It's one of the most popular chains to come with pendants and charms both for women and men fashion jewlery.

8) Paperclip chain

paperclip chains are modern, fashion and cool. They show a chic style when wearing alone as a delicate statement piece or picking up for pendant and charms. The adjustable length allows you to wear them the full length or shorten it to a choker or layered bracelets.

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9) Herringbone chain

Herringbone chain is made of thick and flat metal segments. It's a classic design for choker necklace or bracelet. This type of chain comes in various color, size and length. There are lots of options to choose from. Usually wear alone by itself.

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10) Anchor (Mariner​) chain

Anchor chain is one of the most popular chains for fashion jewellery. It's very strong, made up of round or oval links with a vertical bar in the middle of each link. There are different material options available, basically 925 sterling silver and stainless steel are the most common choice.

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11) Rope chain

Rope chain has two or more intertwined oval links. It's beautiful, simple and bling. Most of people love it because of its bold look and understated elegance. Often used as a statement pieces or for a dazzling necklace.

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12) Cuban​ chain

Cuban link chain is stylish, trendy and strong, connected with twisted oval shaped links, perfect choice for men's fashion necklaces. Can be worn alone or matched with suitable pendant or charms.

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13) Tennis chain

Tennis chain is a type of shinning chain with modern look. It's thin, long and glorious, contains a circle of many small stones connected by metal chain. Can be worn alone as choker necklace, or matched with pendant and charms.

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14) Node chain

15) Wheat chain

For Wheat chain, each buckle is interlocked. This design makes the chain more three-dimensional, and also adds a tough feel to the necklace. It is strong and generous, naturally revealed a calm atmosphere of charm.

Wheat chain is one of the most popular types. It's glossy, strong and easy to match clothes. Suitable for all kinds of gemstone jewelry, or can be worn alone as choker necklace.

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16) Water wave chain

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17) Sphere chain

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18) Iced cuban chain

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19) Pearl chain

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20) Leather cord

21) Thick oval chain

22) U shape link cable chain

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23) Seed chain

24) OXOX chain

25) Rainbow beaded chain

26) Glass bead chain

In addition to all chains mentioned above, there are still a variety of chain types out there. We will sort out and add them to the list.

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