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Frequently Asked Questions

1). What is your MOQ?

For personalized jewelry, MOQ is 2pcs per design(same metal).  
For OEM/ODM jewelry, MOQ is 50-300pcs depending on metal material and design.

1) We focus on wholesale. Retail service is not available.
2) When quantity reach to 30 shipments per order, we are able to provide dropshipping service.
3) Dropshipping service includes: Stock your packaging boxes, prepare your orders (put the products in the box), then send them to your clients directly.

2). Can you send me the price list?

We have thousands of designs available. Price range is very big even for one design made from different material and quality. 
For basic name designs, price varies from $1.5 to $19 depending on design, base metal, plating material, chain type, dimensions, quantity, and etc.

Please review 
What Affects the Price of Jewelry to find price affecting factors. 

To make sure the quotes are accurate, please send us as more details as possible, (eg base metal, color, quantity, chain type and length, etc).

3). Do you have a discount offer if I order in bulk?

Yes, absolutely, the discount rate depends on item and quantity. The more your order, the lower the price.

4). What is shipping rate? 
DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT/ARAMEX adjust shipping rate annually.

Shipping cost varies from $29 to $68 depending on courier and countries which charges by weight beginning at 500g (Around 30pcs necklaces, including bubble and hard box). For quantity less than 30pcs, even one piece, postage is still $29 to $68, same as 30pcs per shipment.

All parcels less than 500g will be charged based on 500g, parcels less than 1kg but more than 500g will be charged based on 1kg, and so on.

So it's important to choose the right quantity to reduce the postage for each piece.

5). How long does it take to process the order? 

Production turnaround starts after mockup approval by clients.

For personalized jewelry, the average turnaround time is 3-5 business days for picture and engraving design, 5-12 business days for basic name design depending on metal material.

For OEM jewelry,  t
he turnaround time is 2-4 weeks depending on design and base metal.

If shipping by FedEx, it takes about 3-7 days to USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Spain, Germany, and most of the EU countries; 7-11 days to South Africa, South America, and other remote areas.

1) Order processing begins when payment is received.
2) Weekends and official holiday are not considered "business days" for turnaround time purposes.

6). How do I place the order? I can't find the products that I want on your website.

1. Select the products you want to buy.
2. Send us order details through email or message. Please include reference photo, word, color, chain size, quantity and etc.
3. We will get back to you shortly.

We have thousands of designs for personalized jewelry. It's difficult to post them all online. If you are looking for something that couldn't be found on the website, please let us know. We will check and send you details.

Also, we are able to make any personalized jewerly designs according to your inspiration, any name/word/text in different languages, brand name and logo, signature, handwriting, drawing, image, sketch, reference photo and etc.

7). Can I change the order details after everything is confirmed?

Artwork files can be changed any time before we have submitted approval of your mockup.

However, if the word, font, size, or other components of the artwork change, additional charges may apply before production begins and may impact production turnaround time.

We are not able to guarantee that your artwork files can be changed after mockup approval, as your order may have been sent to the workshop for producing.

8). Can I change the order quantity or even cancel the order after payment done?

Order can't be cancelled once it's started.

Although we will do best to accommodate any changes to your order, we are not able to update quantity options after mockup approval, as all materials have been prepared and your order has been sent to the workshop for producing.

Our ability to change the quantity after ordering will depend on factors such as production schedule, day of the week, order deadline, product selected, etc.

Changing quantity may also incur change order fee and transaction fee, as well as changes of product unit price and shipping cost.

We do suggest to check your order carefully before the payment.

About Product

1). What chain options do you have? 

Cable chain is one of the most commonly used chains for necklace.

Besides, there are other options like Box Chain, Curb Chain, Figaro Chain, Paperclip Chain, Rope Chain, Rolo Chain, Tennis Chain, Anchor (Mariner​) Chain, Snake Chain, Ball (Bead) Chain, Herringbone Chain, Skein Chain, Button Chain, and etc.

Here is A Complete List of The Different Types of Necklace Chains for your reference. 

Chain options for personalized jewelry include Cable Chain, Box Chain, Curb Chain, Figaro Chain, Paperclip Chain, Rope Chain, Rolo Chain, Tennis Chain, Anchor (Mariner​) Chain.

The rest of chains are only available for bulk order (Quantity more than 50pcs).

2). What type of color/material you offer? Do you have other metals besides 925 sterling silver?

The most common metal color are silver, gold, rose gold, and black. 
Gold color includes 14k gold, 16k gold, 18k gold, 24k gold.

Sometimes, colored gold is plated on the metal, such as green, red, blue, purple, grey. They are rarely applied. Price is comparatively high.

Besides 925 silver, we still have vermeil, brass, alloy and stainless steel to acrylic.

3). Which metal is better, 925 sterling silver, brass or stainless steel? 

Every metal has pros and cons.

925 silver jewelry have a variety of attractive colors and finishes. They retain some trade-in value after purchase and more affordable compared to precious metal platinum or gold.

Brass jewelry may be less valuable than 925 silver, but it's affordable, making it a good choice for making stunning statement pieces. Brass is ductile, can be manipulated into almost any shape or design. It has a warm, beautiful golden shine that bears a close resemblance to yellow gold.

Compared to most of the other metals that are used in jewelry making, stainless steel is strong and durable, resistant to corrosion, tarnish, rust, fade, discoloration, oxidization, and easy to maintain, lasts much longer.

4). Can you put our logo or brand name on the necklace?

Yes, sure. For item more than 50pcs, we can engrave your brand name or logo on the jewelry.

5). Does your gold plating jewelry tarnish? And how long does it last?

Like all types of plating, the gold layer can wear away over time and flake off, exposing the base metal underneath.

It's difficult to answer with a specific number for question "how long does it last".  There are many factors that determine how long the gold plating layer fade and tarnish, such as the thickness of the plating, the underlying metal, electroplating method, amount of contact, and etc. Base metals like sterling silver, stainless steel, and brass can provide the most durability for longer-lasting plating jewelry.

Generally, the plating layer can last for 1-2 years with proper care. Keep your jewelry away from chemicals, salty waters, makeup, and friction. Avoid brushing or rubbing the jewelry and using abrasive cleaners. Clean your jewelry regularly.

Jewelry Care Instructions and Tips for more details.

6) Why the product I received is little different from the photo I sent?

Below photos are one product that we took in different angles and lightnings. They look quite different. It's difficult to confirm color, size, craftsmanship, pattern and material just according to the pictures.

To make sure the products we make is exactly what you want, please send us clear photos or videos. We will make one sample for your approval.

If you need the actual product to be exactly the same as the photo, it's better to send us a sample.


7) Can you send me some reviews given by your other clients?

Yes, sure. Please check Customer Feedback Reviews to learn more about our company and products, the way we do business, along with the services we offer. 

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