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How to Find An Accurate Ring Size?

When buying rings from worldwide online shopping websites or overseas jewellery suppliers, you might be confused about why are ring sizes wrong and size charts always different. The ring size measurements are different in various countries. It will be much helpful if there are some world's international ring sizing standards.

Appended below is an Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart we found from It's compiled from lots of sources in different countries to help you find your local ring size compared to those from other countries. The standards included in this resource are from US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Russia, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland.

With this standard ring size chart, it's easy to find the right size whether you buy or sell on an online store.

The most question asked by our clients is how to measure the finger size at home without a sizer? also provides an effective way to determine your ring size without any type of equipment.

1) Use the circles below to judge sizes against your existing rings. Make sure you line the circles up below with the inside of your band to get an idea of size.

2) Try this finger sizing tool to help determine your ring size. cut a slit along the top line and wrap it around your finger pushing the pointed end through the slit and measuring the size there. Remember that the ring will need to be snug but will still need to fit over the largest part of your finger.

Besides, there are some tips you should pay attention to when measuring your finger size.

1. Check your finger size more than once. There are variations in each measurement. It's better to check the size multiple times, then get the average size.

2. Pay attention to the season. According to Thermal Expansion and Contraction, fingers will swell in warmer weather and vice-versa in cold weather. The best time is to measure in summer. After the end of the day, it is most suitable for measuring finger size. However, if you need to buy a ring in winter, the ring should be up a size or half-size. Otherwise, the ring might be very tight in summer. This is particularly important for wedding and engagement rings as they will be worn every day for a long period of time.

3. When trying a ring on your finger, make sure the ring can pass through the joint. So that it could be taken off smoothly at any time.

4. Anyway, in case you buy an inappropriate ring, and the return service is no longer available. Here are some ways to fix it. If the ring is too loose, you can wind a thin thread around the inner wall of the ring. If the ring on your finger is too tight, try to apply some emollient or soapy water on the entire finger, turn the ring slightly, then it could be taken off easily.

Marriage proposal is the most romantic thing in the world. When you plan a surprise proposal for your girlfriend, a sparkling engagement ring of an appropriate size could make it unforgettable and also remind you of the continuation of eternal love in your married life. While, how to find out your girlfriend's ring size without her knowing? Here are several ways for your review.

1. If your girlfriend wears a ring in daily life, you can take the ring directly to a local jewelry store for size measurement, or stamp the ring on paper, then take it to the place where you buy or customize the ring.

2. Pretend to play a game with your girlfriend, wrap a rope around her finger, then secretly mark the rope, and take it to the jewelry store to find the right size.

3. When your girlfriend fell asleep, take a small piece of paper with a width no more than one centimeter, wrap the paper around her finger, use a pen to mark the edge, then measure the length of the note, and convert it to the ring size.

4. Discuss with your girlfriend's family members or friends secretly to confirm the ring size.

5. Ask someone to call your girlfriend, confirm the ring size with her because of some reason, such as gifts for regular customers, prize drawing or any reason you could think of but can convince her.


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