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Everything You Need to Know About Personalized Jewelry

We can create personalised jewellery based on your ideas, any word/text/message/name in different languages, company and business logo, handwritten, kids drawing, photo, skethces or anything you can think of.

About product

Word Font

No limits for font.

All fonts are acceptable for personalized name jewelry, including signature and logo.

You can generate the names on websites and, then send us the font name you prefer.

Normally, we capitalize the first letter. All uppercase, all lowercase, or mixed case are available as well.

Chain Length

Chain Option

Pendant Size

Dimension Variation

Metal Material and Color

Comparison for Different Metals

Birthstone/Birth Month Flowers/Symbols

Styles of Personalised Jewellery


🔹 What is the MOQ?

There is no MOQ requirements for personalized jewelry.

MOQ is 20-300pcs depending on metal materials and designs made by molds.


1) We focus on wholesale. Retail service is not available.

2) When quantity reach to 30 shipments per order, we are able to provide dropshipping service.

3) Dropshipping service includes: Stock your packaging boxes, prepare your orders (put the products in the box), then send them to your clients directly.

🔹 May I know the price of the name necklace?

🔹 Do you have a discount offer if I order personalized jewelry in bulk?

🔹 What is your production turnaround time?

🔹 How do I place the order?

🔹 Could you send me dimensions of name necklaces on your catalogs or website?

🔹More questions?


Please check Customer Feedback Reviews to learn more about our company and

products, the way we do business, along with the services we offer.

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