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Custom portrait keychain wholesale personalised photo key rings

Updated: Feb 16

Metal options: 925 sterling silver, brass, stainless steel, alloy, acrylic, and wood

Color: Silver, gold, rose gold, black

Made to order / Mass production

The pendant style and chain type can be customized according to your requirements.

Compared to other metals, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, tarnish, rust, fade, discoloration, oxidization, and easy to maintain, last much longer.


Engraving contents can be customized according to your specific requirements.

We are able to engrave any contents according to your inspiration, any name/word/text/initial in different languages, brand name & logo, signature, handwriting, drawing, image, sketch, reference photo, and etc.

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Chain options: Cable chain, Box chain, Cuban chain, Figaro chain, Paperclip chain, Rope chain, Rolo chain, Tennis chain, Anchor (Mariner​) chain, Herringbone chain, Sphere chain and etc.

Here is A Complete List of The Different Types of Chains for your reference.

Production Turnaround

5-9 business days for sterling silver, brass and acrylic.

9-12 business days for stainless steel.


What is your MOQ?

MOQ is 2pcs per style (same metal) for personalized jewelry, 50-300pcs depending on metal material and style for bulk production.

Can I get a discount if I order personalized jewelry in bulk?

Yes, absolutely, the discount rate depends on style and quantity.

For each style (same metal), 10% off for 5pcs, 20% off for 10pcs. We offer lower discount rates for higher quantities.

Can you put our logo or brand name on every piece?

Yes, sure. For order more than 50pcs, we can engrave your brand name or logo on every piece.

More questions?

Please review Everything You Need to Know About Personalized Jewelry.

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