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Buyer's Guide

Fonts for name jewelry

All fonts are acceptable, including signature and logo.

Here are two websites for fonts, and You can generate the name online and send us the font name you like.

Below is a small list of popular fonts widely used for your reference.

Usually, first letter is capitalized. All uppercase, all lowercase, or mixed case are also available.

Chain length for necklace

30cm is for kids

35/40cm is for choker necklace

45cm is for standard length necklace

We can add a 5cm extender to adjust the length.

Chain length for bracelet

13cm with 5cm extender for kids and teenage

15cm with 5cm extender for adult

Chain length for anklet

15cm with 5cm extender for kids and teenage

18cm with 5cm extender for adult

Bangle size chart (Open design)

Small size --- 50mm inner diameter

Medium size --- 55mm inner diameter

Large size --- 65mm inner diameter

Ring size

Please check the Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart from, or read the article How to Find an Accurate Ring Size.

Here is a commonly used ring size chart for your reference.

Jewelry care instructions and tips

Avoid contact with acidic substances and chemicals.

Take off your jewelry when sleeping, bathing, swimming, gardening, and etc.

When taking your jewelry off, gently clean it with a piece of soft cloth.

Always store your jewels in a clean, dry place away from natural sunlight and heat.

Please check Jewelry Care Instructions and Tips for more details.

Chain options

Chain options for personalized jewelry include Cable Chain, Box Chain, Curb Chain, Figaro Chain, Paperclip Chain, Rope Chain, Rolo Chain, Tennis Chain, Anchor (Mariner​) Chain.

The rest of chains are only available for bulk order.

Birthstone chart

The color of the actual birthstones may vary slightly based on the cut and size of the selected stones.

Normally, CZ is set on 925 silver and brass, Rhinestone is used for stainless steel and alloy.

Color chart for acrylic jewelry

Size for studs earrings

All sizes above are just for your reference.

We are able to customize all pieces according to your specific requirements for dimensions.

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